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Student Engagement

Get tools, tips, and resources to connect with every student.

We believe that every educator is a learner. That’s why LAE and NAE are proud to bring you the best from our educator-leaders: so you have a reliable hub for your pedagogy and practice challenges.

Professional Excellence from Members, for Members

Our community of experts share lesson plans, activities, advice, and more to help you help your students, via

Read Across America

Let's read and grow together with 12 months of recommended books, authors, and teaching resources that promote diversity and inclusion, via

School Me Podcasts

Our podcast empowers seasoned educators to use their years of experience and wisdom to help you get the most out of your career in education, via

Blended Learning

Begin your journey to improve your practice as an educator and create better outcomes for your students, via

Classroom Management

Classroom management covers a broad range of topics and is by far the most important aspect of a successful classroom, via

Trauma-Informed Schools

Supporting students who suffer from childhood trauma requires whole school involvement and transformation. NEA and its affiliates are actively engaged in finding ways for schools and educators to address the issue of trauma and its implications for learning, behavior, and school safety, via

Whole Student Education

Meeting the needs of every student requires a holistic approach to education that extends well beyond academics, via


Louisiana Association of Educators

LAE’s mission is to organize and empower educators to promote quality public schools, strengthen the profession, and improve the well-being of public school children across Louisiana.