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Your rights and workplace

Professional Excellence

Supporting educator growth and achievement
In 1977, we asked educators to join forces for the benefit of Louisiana's students. Today, 18,000 members answer that call, sharing tips, tools, and wisdom from experience to advance professional excellence among all.
Great educators create great public schools. LAE provides the training, tools, and community support for educators to engage students, nurture justice, and excel in their profession.

Professional Learning

At every stage of your career, LAE helps you grow into your passion and be a leader for your students.

Leadership Development

Leadership is more than an event, moment, or position. It’s a journey. And LAE is with you, every step of the way.
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We offer many ways for you to get the latest news and connect with the Association and your colleagues through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Membership Has Its Rewards

Carefully negotiated benefits are part of your membership.

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Search LAE's latest news, advice and resources by topic.

Louisiana Association of Educators

LAE’s mission is to organize and empower educators to promote quality public schools, strengthen the profession, and improve the well-being of public school children across Louisiana.