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LAE Constitution & Bylaws

LAE operates under the guidelines and standards outlined in our official constitution and bylaws.

The Bill of Rights for Children

We, the people of Louisiana, in order to achieve a more perfect society, fulfill our moral obligations, further our founding ideals and preserve the continued blessings of liberty, do hereby proclaim this Bill of Rights for Children.

  1. No child in a land of abundance shall be wanting for plentiful and nutritional food.
  2. A society as advanced in medical knowledge and abilities as ours shall not deny medical attention to any child in need.
  3. Whereas security is an essential requirement for a child’s healthy development, the basic security of a place to live shall be guaranteed to every child.
  4. To ensure the potential of the individual and the nation, every child at school shall have the right to a quality education.
  5. The government, whose primary role is to protect and defend at all levels, shall assure that children are safeguarded from abuse, violence, and discrimination.

Constitution of the Louisiana Association of Educators


We, the members of the Louisiana Association of Educators, in order that this Association may serve as the unified voice for education in this state, advance the cause of public education for all individuals, promote the health and welfare of children, promote professional excellence among educators, gain recognition of the basic importance of the teacher in the learning process and other employees in the educational effort, protect the rights of educational employees and promote their interests and welfare, advance the standards and working conditions of the education community, secure professional autonomy, secure adequate funding for public schools, unite educational employees for effective citizenship, promote and protect human and civil rights, and obtain for its members the benefits of a united education profession, do hereby adopt this Constitution.


Section 1. Name.
The name of this organization shall be the Louisiana Association of Educators.

Section 2. Affiliation.
This Association shall be affiliated with the National Education Association (“NEA”) and shall meet NEA’s minimum affiliation standards.

Section 3. Goals and Objectives.
The goals of this Association shall be as stated in the Preamble.  Nothing in this Constitution or in the Bylaws shall be construed to prevent the Association from pursuing objectives which are consistent with the stated goals of the Association.

Section 4.  Place of Business.
The headquarters of the Association shall be in the city of Baton Rouge, parish of East Baton Rouge, state of Louisiana.

Section 5.  Governance.
The Association shall be governed by its charter, this Constitution, the Bylaws, the Standing

Rules, and such other actions as the Representative Assembly and the Board of Directors may take consistent therewith.


Section 1.  Classes of Membership.
Membership of the Association shall consist of active and educational support members and such other classes of members as may be set forth in the Bylaws.

Section 2.  Membership Eligibility: Provisions and Limitations.

a) Criteria set forth in the Bylaws shall determine the rights and privileges of members in each of the several classes, provided that the Bylaws relative to membership shall be consistent with the membership classifications and requirements in effect under the bylaws of the National Education Association.

b) Membership, as provided in the Bylaws, shall be open to all persons actively engaged in the profession of teaching or in other educational work or to persons interested in advancing the goals and objectives of the Association and who agree to abide by its Constitution and Bylaws.

c) All members of the Association engaged in teaching or in other educational work shall adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Education Profession and any policy adopted by the Representative Assembly or Board of Directors pursuant to the Constitution and Bylaws.

d) The Association shall not deny membership because of race, religion, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation, nor shall any organization which so denied membership be affiliated with the Association.

Section 3.  Property Interest of Members.
All rights, titles, and interest, both legal and equitable, of a member in and to the property of the Association shall end upon termination of such membership.


Section 1.  Accountability.
The Representative Assembly, comprised of members of the Association, derives its power from and shall be responsible to the membership.

Section 2.  Allocation of Delegates.

a) Delegates to the Representative Assembly shall be allocated on the basis of one delegate for each fifty (50) members or major fraction thereof, provided that such ratio is in accordance with the one-person, one-vote standard.  All locals receive at least one delegate, and other delegate credentials shall be allocated as provided in this article.

b) Local affiliates shall be required to ensure at least proportional representation of black or other ethnic minorities in the election of delegates.

c) Administrators and supervisors and educational support members shall be represented in proportion to their membership in the local affiliate in the election of delegates.

d) Student members shall be allocated one (1) delegate credential for each fifty (50) student members of the LAE-SP.  The allocation shall be on the basis of student membership in the Association as of August 31 of the previous membership year in which the Representative Assembly convenes.

e) Retired members shall be allocated one (1) delegate credential for the first fifty (50) retired members of the LAE Retired and one (1) additional delegate for each additional 200 retired members of the LAE Retired or major fraction thereof.  

Section 1.  Voting Rights.

 Only active members of the Association (as defined in Article 2-1(b) of the Bylaws of the Association), may vote for members of the NEA Board of Directors.

 Section 2.  Proportional Representation.

 If the Association is entitled to two or more members on the NEA Board of Directors, the Association shall adhere to the NEA Constitution and Bylaws affording proportional representation for ethnic minorities

...To review the rest of the Constitution and Bylaws, click the link to the document below.


Louisiana Association of Educators

LAE’s mission is to organize and empower educators to promote quality public schools, strengthen the profession, and improve the well-being of public school children across Louisiana.