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Words of Encouragement

 Words of encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Arizona…

I fully support your efforts in Arizona in demanding increases in funding for education, fair pay, and respect for the work you do every day for your students. -Roy LaFleur

We, in Louisiana, support your efforts to increase education funding, better treatment on the job, and fair pay. Keep up the fight, don't let them get you down, and remember, we are with you. -Roslynn Siebold

Dear fellow educators, I am motivated by your courage and strength to stand united for issues you believe in. I hope your stand sparks a fire under educators across the world to speak out on issues that are potentially detrimental to the educational process and all stakeholders, especially our students. Arizona educators, I stand firm with you all! God bless! -Carrie Coleman

You are in our thoughts and prayers. Stand together, stay strong, be fearless, for we are with you. You are important to the youth of your community. You make a difference. You are valuable. Never quit! Much love... -Demetria Dinvaut

I care about your fight and encourage you to stay strong and don't give in!! You got this!!! -Leilani Adams

Thank you for taking a stand! -Althea King

Yes, I am with you all the way. You deserve fair pay and better treatment on your job. -Virginia Redmon

Stand strong, educators! Louisiana teachers support you! -Caroline Croad

We are with ya'll! God Speed!! -Amy Pastor

Louisiana is supporting you. Keep fighting the good fight!! -Suzanne Breaux

May your efforts never be in vain and stay strong! -L Rachelle Dehrab

So proud of you, Arizona educators, for starting what will become a nationwide movement. You've been through a lot already with education reform in Arizona. Stay strong for the students! -Vicky Johnston

Fight the good fight! -Darryl Gates

Thank you for your dedication not just to our profession but to our students.  May God continue to strengthen you to continue to push and fight for what is right. -Shanette Armstrong

GO ARIZONA!!!!!! -Mary Mouton

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