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Improving student learning for all students is a central part of the LAE's mission. Ensuring great schools, supporting great teaching and expecting student success is not only the right thing to, it is crucial to the professional well-being of our members and the schools they serve.Check out our latest offerings for professional development and be sure to visit this page often for updates and additions to our groundbreaking training events. Interested in attending? Register for the event(s) of your liking, below! 

LAE Pre-UniServ Institute - 24 Week Internship

Interested in the labor movement? Professional organizing? Collaborative work-communities? Are you dedicated to helping the LAE in its continued efforts to build strong leaders and effective local associations? If so, you may consider a career as an organizer. In order to provide local educators with the specialized skills required to work as a union organizer, the association has designed a series of trainings to prepare potential candidates for education advocacy work in Louisiana. Participation in this program will provide the basic competencies (curriculum provided below) needed to perform the duties of LAE UniServ Directors.

March 3-5, 2017: UniServ Institute Module 1: Core Organizing Skills
*4 Weeks of once a week online follow-up

  • Public Narrative and Relational Organizing Basics
  • Campaign Development- Identifying Issues, Theory of Change, Tactics that Build Engagement
  • Implementing a Successful Membership Campaign
  • Personal  Leadership Development
  • Expected Uniserv Competencies and Disposition
  • Identifying Leaders  - One on Ones,  Data analysis,  Ratings
  • Interconnected Leadership Built on Commitments/campaigns
  • Developing and Testing Leaders

April 4-8, 2017: UniServ Institute Module 2: East Baton Rouge Institute: Foundations of Organizing for Local Strength
*4 Weeks of once a week online follow-up

  • Train participants in organizing Skills
  • Practice those skills in the field in an active local organizing campaign
  • Write an organizing plan to create positive change in the day-to-day lives of our members, potential members and communities at large

May  19-21, 2017: UniServ Institute Module 3: Providing Advocacy that Enables
*4 Weeks of once a week online follow-up

  • Coaching Individuals and Teams 
  • Using Data to Successfully Target Your People, Track Progress and Analyze Turf 
  • Understanding Rights 
  • Helping Without Owning
  • Developing Grievance Leaders
  • Representation 

June 12-14, 2017: UniServ Institute Module 4: Identifying  and Recognizing Leadership that Produces
*LAE Summer Leadership Conference - Paragon Casino, Marksville, LA

  • Recognizing and training leaders
  • How to work successfully with teams of leaders
  • Coaching Individuals and Teams 
  • Developing environments that will develop leadership
  • Keeping leaders motivated to moving our agenda

July  17-21, 2017: UniServ Institute Module 5: Organizational Skill Development
*NEA Education Summer, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Field Internship: Face-to-face coaching to meet clear measurable organizing goals


to complete and return an application to the LAE Headquarters - 8322 One Calais Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA, 70809 - by close of business on February 22, 2017. 

You will be notified of acceptance or denial to this program by email by February 24, 2017.  Please note: The LAE cannot promise to employ program participants as full-time UniServ Directors. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact LAE UniSev Manager Kenton Cooper at kcooper@lae.org or by phone at 202-247-6119.


Learn how to create a classroom climate/culture conducive to learning while practicing routines, procedures, and rules that allow for flow and creativity. This workshop will also prepare you to work with parents and deal with difficult student behaviors. Lunch is included.

Training schedule TBA

This is a series of workshops meant to help challenge educators to view the assets that many struggling students, who are challenged by language barriers, economic circumstance, or race, bring to the classroom. It explores the meaning of social justice and equity in education and shares helpful information on how to design and plan lessons that are relevant to and reflective of those they teach. The goal is to understand the achievement gaps that persist and explore successful methods to close those gaps. All workshops are from 10:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. Lunch is included. Participants may take one, two, or all three workshops.


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