Teaching & Learning

In the Fall of 2016, LAE launched an exciting new initiative in conjunction with the National  Education Association's Center for OrganizingThe partnership establishes an exciting new "campus"  of the NEA Center for Organizing's Leadership Institute - The East Baton Rouge Institute. Modeled after the successful Montgomery County Institute (a leadership program for education advocates and emerging union leaders), the EBR Institute focuses on the importance of leadership development, collaboration, and relational organizing. LAE President Debbie Meaux said she is honored to welcome participants from across the nation to the newly established southern sister branch in Louisiana.

“It isn’t often that we have such an exclusive opportunity to house such a dynamic program right here in Baton Rouge,” Meaux said. “Educators understand that the future of our children is paramount to a thriving economy. Coming together to share best practices and learn how to better collaborate stands to have a lasting impact on kids, not just in Louisiana, but across the nation."

The East Baton Rouge Institute
hosted its first training in early December. Teams from across the nation gathered at the LAE headquarters in Baton Rouge for three and a half days of intensive work. They developed skills in foundational relational organizing, applied leadership identification practices,  engaged with employees of East Baton Rouge Parish Schools and developed their own plans for engagement. They were provided opportunities to learn from some of the nation's most powerful teacher associations and then had the opportunities to apply their learning  in asking members to participate in the "Stand up for Strong Schools" campaign.

President Meaux said the first event was very successful.

“Education advocates came together in their shared commitment to the students they serve “We thank them for being a part of our efforts to assist our local affiliate, the East Baton Rouge Parish Association of Educators, determine how to best deliver to the students of East Baton Rouge the types of schools they truly deserve,” Meaux said.” “I look forward to seeing the institute’s lasting impact on public schools in Louisiana’s capitol city.”

Check back here for a running list of training opportunities.