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One-quarter of incoming educators is under age 30, bringing new ideas and perspectives to classrooms across the nation and presenting an opportunity for all educators to support these new professionals in their journey to reach, teach, and inspire students. New educators are most likely to remain in the profession when they feel supported and have the resources they need to perform their jobs well, underscoring the importance of LAE's outreach to them.

Having grown up in today’s political climate, many new school employees are unfamiliar with what it means to be involved in a professional association. This means they’re unaware of the benefits of membership that they can use to not only expand their professional knowledge but also to elevate their voices on issues impacting their classroom.


The LAE Communications Team surveys new educators in order to best understand what interests them. The association then uses this feedback to drive decisions regarding needed support and professional development offerings.

We are creating a community of professionals who collaborate, support, and connect with their peers, where early career educators can find their professional voice and locate others like them who are going through similar experiences. Several local LAE affiliates have started establishing new educator support groups, where teachers and other school employees with five years’ experience, or less, come together in social settings. The goal is to establish a cohesive group of colleagues who feel comfortable turning to each other for professional support.