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The LAE Teaching and Learning Center

It's YOUR Profession....Build It. Own It. Lead It.

LAE is working to build, own and lead in a number of areas to improve the quality of teaching and learning through our new Teaching and Learning Center. Check out some of photographs taken over the past year as we've worked to grow the LAE-TLC. There are more great things to come, so please keep checking back for news on upcoming trainings and networking events. Keep reading to learn more about LAE's groundbreaking new endeavor.

The LAE Professional Support Program

We are in the process of organizing a network of trained, vetted, and credible teacher-leader members who have the competencies and passion for providing peer-to-peer support opportunities -  this program is called, The LAE Professional Support Program. In the first year we plan to build, implement, and grow the following areas of professional support:

• Classroom Management Support
• Cultural Competency Training
• Student Learning Target Development
• Response to Intervention and PBIS
• Community Conversation and Outreach
• National Board Certification Support and Leadership Networking
• Teacher Leadership and Advocacy Support

CLICK HERE for a list of upcoming sessions.



LAE recently launched an exciting new initiative in conjunction with the National  Education Association's Center for OrganizingThe partnership establishes an exciting new "campus" of the Center for Organizing's Leadership Institute. The East Baton Rouge Institute is modeled after the successful Montgomery County Institute (a leadership program for education advocates and emerging union leaders) and focuses on the importance of leadership development, collaboration, and relational organizing.

CLICK HERE to learn about upcoming opportunities with the new initiative. 

Help us Build, Grow and Lead Your Profession!

The LAE is your professional association. If you are interested in helping build, grow, and lead the LAE Professional Support Program, or if you know someone we should contact who would be right for this program, please contact Madison Poche at 225-281-6608 or mpoche@lae.org.

Teaching & Learning  Leader Tool Kit

The future success of the teaching profession begins and ends with our members in the classroom. We have developed a suggested set of talking points, a flyer, and smaller post card sized information handouts for your use. For easy access, click the links provided below:

  • Ten Minute Meeting Toolkit: Provides any member or leader with an overview of the Teaching and Learning Program and a suggested set of asks to use in small groups, member meetings and one on ones with colleagues. CLICK HERE to download.
  • Teaching and Learning Flyer: An 8.5"x11" sized overview and information document that would be good for bulletin boards or as handouts at meetings. CLICK HERE to download.
  • Teaching and Learning Walk Card: A post card-sized informational handout that is blank on the backside so that you could print your own personal or local affiliate information and programming. CLICK HERE to download.
  • National Board Certification Walk Card: is a post card sized informational handout that is blank on the backside so that you could print your own personal or local affiliate information and programming in regards to National Board Certification. CLICK HERE to download. 

Your Great Ideas and NEA Grant Funds Make Great Classrooms Happen

As an NEA affiliate, LAE’s practicing K-12 public school teachers, education support professionals, and higher education faculty and staff at public colleges and universities may apply online for grants up to $5000. For information about how to apply, the application, and an instructional video, visit the NEA Foundation Grant website http://www.neafoundation.org/. Application deadlines are: February 1, June 1, and October 15.

Common Core Lesson Plans

As an affiliate of the National Education Association, LAE is your connection to the BetterLesson website. CLICK HERE to head to a space where teachers share what works in the classroom, features more than 3,000 classroom-ready lessons that are easily accessible and can be integrated into any curriculum. This new BetterLesson product was built entirely for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and features the lessons of 130+ Master Teachers (MTs), who represent every K-12 grade level for math and English Language Arts & Literacy.

National Board Certification

Now more than ever, teachers in Louisiana are feeling the pressure to prove themselves in a constantly changing education landscape. National Board certification is the highest mark of professional accomplishment. It allows teachers to hone their practice, showcase their talent in the classroom, and demonstrate their dedication to their students and their profession. Working with National Board Certified Teachers across the state LAE is supporting and networking accomplished teachers. For more information about the process go to http://boardcertifiedteachers.org/

Free Leadership Development Courses

LAE believes that building leadership, teacher-led professional growth, and laying the groundwork for transformative and positive union-district collaboration are critical components for a successful school district. The NEA Foundation courses are intended to develop collaborative skills and content knowledge. The courses promote union-district collaboration as a tool for systems change and were developed by field experts, using a rich selection of resources. Use the course content in whatever way best meets your unique needs – a whole course, a single session, or just an activity. To learn more go to https://www.neafoundation.org/pages/courses/.  

NEA Academy Courses that Fit Your Life

NEA members just like you gave input that helped guide the design of the NEA Academy, and we think you'll be pleased with the results. Based on the preferences you select, this new interactive learning environment will provide content recommendations, course alerts, and additional material of specific interest to you. The NEA Academy offers the best in online continuing education and Master’s degrees that will fit your budget, your schedule, and your life. We know you lead a busy life but that doesn’t have to interfere with advancing your career. Online professional development allows you to set your own schedule. Also, members have online access to the nation’s top scholars and higher education institutions – regardless of where they live. For information about free, nearly free and low tuition options for your professional learning go to http://www.neaacademy.org/index.html

Free Common Core Apps

As a busy educator, LAE wants to make sure you have the most powerful and useful technology tools in your hands that allow you to access the CCSS, develop assessments and check student understandings. Through a partnership with Mastery Connect, NEA provides you with access with four powerful apps. Want to check out the standards and utilize helpful resources? CLICK HERE for quick access.