Social Media

We are using our social media tools to provide great information about events, news, discussions about current topics, member meeting & information sharing, articles, photos, videos, etc. Come join the fun!  

Facebook - social networking website that links people by their common interests, groups, etc. LAE uses Facebook to have a dialogue on education issues, make relevant postings, and get to know our members.

Twitter - micro-blogging site. LAE uses Twitter to send out short messages, event notifications, photos, and membership-relevant links.

Instagram online photo-sharingvideo-sharing, and social networking site that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them. LAE uses Instagram to share relevant memes, member photos, and videos with the general public.

Flickr - This is an image hosting website that provides a dedicated space for LAE to organize and post pictures from events, etc.

YouTube - This website provides a place for LAE to upload and share videos of interest to the membership.

Try one of these applications and after you are comfortable with the new technology, add others. With these tools LAE can get information to you quickly and efficiently.

Note: The nature of social media tools is to build social networks, therefore, some of these require the user (viewer) to set up a quick, free account.

For further information, contact the LAE Headquarters at 1-800-256-4523 or email Communications Specialist Ashley Davies at