Member Services & Benefits

LAE Liability Insurance

The LAE provides each member with comprehensive professional liability insurance in the amount of $1 million per incident.

The insurance policy covers damages when a member becomes legally obligated to pay as a result of claims arising in the course of the member's employment, provides for the defense of any member involved in a civil suit arising out of an event in the course of the member's employment and any charges of criminal negligence or criminal charges which result from the use of corporal punishment.


Educator and Education Support Professional Liability

•$1,000,000 per member per occurrence, not to include any civil right issues or civil rights claims
•$3,000,000 per occurrence aggregate for all claims, including civil rights claims and not to include any other claims
•$3,000,000 per occurrence aggregated for all claims, including civil rights and civil rights claims
Reimbursement of Attorney Fees for Defense of a Criminal Proceeding

•$35,000 per criminal proceeding
Bail Bond

•$1,000 per bond
Assault-Related Personal Property Damage

•$500 per assault
As with all insurance policies, there are certain limitations and exceptions from coverage.  A detailed description of the liability policy is available to all members.