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1. An article outlining the nomination process will appear in the November/December LAE Voice and will also be posted on the LAE website. The article will include the election procedures and election calendar.

2. Nomination forms will be available on the LAE website, at the LAE Headquarters (candidates may call 800- 256-4523), and emailed and mailed to local presidents and Board of Directors in December.

3. Upon receipt of a candidate’s nomination form, LAE will verify receipt by email. Candidates are strongly recommended to contact LAE if verification has not been received within one day of the expected arrival of the form at LAE.

4. Notification of receipt of a candidate’s form will occur within one day of receiving a nomination form, except during the Christmas holiday break. *Nomination forms arriving during the holiday will be receipted on the date of the reopening of the office.

5. The email address for electronically forwarding nominations forms (lguillot@lae.org) will be directed to the office of the Executive Director or his designee. All forms must be fully completed and in the LAE Headquarters Office by January 7 by 11:59 pm.

6. For reproduction purposes photos will only be accepted by mail or email. Quality of the photo may be affected by email in which case the Committee authorizes LAE to contact the candidate requesting a usable photo.

7. Biographical information composed by the candidates, not to exceed 50 words, will be included with the election information/ballot. Bio information will be printed as submitted; it will not be edited for content or grammar.

8. Candidates will be notified by email (by January 10) when the nominations have been certified by the Elections Committee.

9. An article included in The LAE Voice and on the LAE website will inform members of the scheduled elections. The article will contain the bio of each candidate along with a sample ballot and voting instructions. Ballots will appear in the February issue of The LAE Voice and will be posted on the website in the member’s only area.

10. All voting will be on-line. Voting members will use their NEA ID assigned by NEA when voting. (ID appears on the membership card issued by LAE as well as every issue of The LAE Voice above the name of the member.)

11. A paper ballot can be available upon request from the neutral.

12. The first vote recorded by the neutral will be the one counted.

13. March 31 is the deadline for receipt of all ballots by Neutral.

14. The Neutral will have the election results certified by a notary public. The certification is to be provided to the LAE Executive Director by overnight delivery. The Elections Committee will meet as scheduled to certify the election results. The committee will invite candidates or their representatives to be present during the certification of the results. Candidates will be notified by mail of the election results.

15. All candidates who receive a majority of the votes cast shall be certified as elected by the Elections Committee. Should no candidate receive a majority of the votes cast, a runoff will be held between the top two candidates.

16. Should a run-off election be necessary members of the appropriate district will be notified electronically and an announcement will appear in the LAE Voice.

17. After all election procedures and challenges have been followed; the Elections Committee will declare any unopposed candidate as winner of the office sought. The ballot will not reflect any unopposed candidate.                                                                                                                   


January 7: Nomination forms and attachments must be sent by mail or email by 11:59pm.

January 9: LAE Elections Committee certifies the candidate and emails notification letters.

January 17: Obtain Database of voting members.

January 24: Deadline to challenge the certification of candidates. Challenges shall be made in writing and submitted by certified or registered mail.
February 9: Deadline for printing biographical information of candidates. 

March 10: All ballots distributed.

March 31: Deadline for receipt of all ballots to neutral.

April 8: Report from the neutral to the Elections Committee. Notification of election results to the candidates.

April 18: Deadline to challenge primary results. Challenges to the elections shall be made in writing to the Executive Director and sent by certified mail.

April 22: Last day for candidates to withdraw from run-off election by notifying the Executive Director and sent by certified mail.

May 1: Election neutral distributes ballots for run-off election.

May 31: Deadline for receipt of all ballots to neutral.

June 11: Neutral reports results of run-off election to the Elections Committee. Notification of election results sent to candidates.

June 21: Deadline to challenge run-off election. Challenges to the election shall be made in writing and sent by certified mail.

LAE Elections Committee

C/O Executive Director

8322 One Calais 

Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Email:  lguillot@lae.org