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LAE Applauds members of the Caddo Parish School Board for Putting Students' Needs Ahead of Big Business Interests

For more than 80 years, big corporations across Louisiana have gotten out of paying their fair share of taxes. As a result, our communities have suffered. From 2006 to 2016, tax breaks for big business diverted $13.6 billion from our local governments.

Governor John Bel Edwards recently gave school boards a voice in approving corporate tax exemption requests that stand to impact local public schools and the students they serve. In early March of 2018, members of the Caddo Parish School Board considered an exemption request. Members of the Caddo Association of Educators went to the meeting and used their voices to take a stand for their students by sharing real-life examples of what forgone tax dollars could do for their schools. In a historic move, board members denied the tax exemption request.

We applaud those members of the Caddo Parish School Board who stood up for what was right, by putting students' needs ahead of big business interests. Join us in sending messages of thanks to these individuals, here.

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